Travel Calendar For The Year 2017

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There are very few countries in the world which offers diverse travel option and India is among’st those countries. From cliff jumping to hot air ballooning, from UNESCO heritage sites to world famous monuments & from unconventional festivals to exotic destination India has it all. It is the beauty of India that it has everything for all kinds of travellers. It’s still not too for you to prepare your own India’s travel calendar for the year 2017.

Here is India’s travel calendar for the year 2017 which are best among’st the rest.



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January Destinations:


Amritsar, a divine destination is a home to Sikhism’s sacred shrine, the picturesque Golden Temple (also known as Harmandir Sahib). It is also the place where Luv-Kush spent their most cherished time in the ashram of Rishi Valmiki. Amritsar is a city which has a rich history of India’s independence movement. This city has also witnessed painful events like the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Partition of 1947, Operation Blue Star and more. Wagha border, one of the most intense and buzzing border which connects India and Pakistan, it hosts breath-taking beating the retreat ceremony every evening. It is a famous hot-spot for ‘fun, food and faith’ for all the travel enthusiastic.



Rann Of Kutch.

There is no reason as to why India’s travel calendar for the year 2017 could miss this destination. A temporary city, also known as “the tent city”. is a home to one of the most talked unconventional white desert festival – Rann Utsav. This three-month festival provides a platform and encourages all the artisans and other skilled people to showcase their creativity. Few days of stay I the middle of desert and comfortable tent stay will make you feeling like a gulf country. From finger licking food to amazing cultural activities there is everything for all kind of traveler. Kite festival during Rann Utsav is something you shouldn’t miss out.


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February Destination:


A scarcely populated small union territory on the west cost of India with less humdrum that’s Diu, Ilha de Calma, a perfect beach side holiday destination. It’s the best destination for a romantic February fervor that deserves a place in you bucket list. Diu is also the den for “Festa De Diu”, Asia’s longest beach festival. It’s an annual fest which is celebrated from December to February. Its a perfect blend of art, culture, color and adventure with enigma everywhere. A must visit destination and experience the fest.

India’s travel calendar for the year 2017 highly recommends this destination.


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Kasol, a tiny village in the laps of Himalaya mountain. Kosal is also known as “The Mini Israeli of India”. There is nothing more rejuvenating then to take a stroll down the banks of Parvati River in Kasol. This place is especially famous for trek exploits and Israeli food. Kasol is unique because travelers from India and abroad (mostly Israelis) tend to lose track of time and even date. That’s right! Kasol actually celebrates timelessness. With copious amount of Hashish and Marijuana, bare cost of living expense and bountiful environment of peace attracts travelers to Kasol and detached themselves completely from the mainstream. Nevertheless Kasol also has family friend areas when they can spend quality time with their family.


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March Destination


March is the month when people welcomes spring by celebrating Holi popularly known as the festival of colors and what better place than Mathura could it be. Barsana a small place in Mathura is famous for experiencing Holi. Devotees of Lord Krishna from across the globe visit this place to feel the essence of Holi in the land of Krishna. Mathura is also the birth place of Lord Krishna. The prominent temple here were destroyed and rebuilt 17 times meticulously over again. Mathura is adorned with at least 25 ‘ghats’ to hop one by one. The prominence of this place also arise from the great Indian epic ‘Ramayana’ where Mathura is supposed to be one the oldest city in the world.


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Ratnagiri : Velas Beach

A small tiny town coastal town near Ratnagiri annually hosts “The Turtle Festival” in the month of March. This is some thing which is not much known. Imagine gazing at baby turtles breaking out of shells and making it way to the sea. Yes! That’s what ‘turtle Velas’ is all about and its dope! These ‘Olive Riddly’ turtles are conserved by the villagers and they are totally pampered by everyone who comes to see them. Its a life time experience which is not to be missed out on.


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April Destinations

North Eastern States.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go on your honeymoon, travel with friends or hit solo, North East is another milieu in itself! This seven sister state has been discerned as one of world’s richest biodiversity. Another perk of visiting North East while in India is a trip to ‘Majuli’ which is the world’s largest riverine island. A large part of North East is hilly which divines it to be a picturesque destination to have some tea and selfies. North east part of India is also studded with country’s major UNESCO heritage National Park. With so much to see around I don’t see any reason why not to visit this places.


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Jim Corbett:

For all the tiger lovers, adventure travelers & wildlife admirer this is the perfect destination for you to soothe your soul. You cant miss out on Jim Corbett. The park was formerly known as ‘Hailey National Park’. It is a place to watch some really spectacular beasts especially the endangered Bengal Tiger and house of a 140 years old python. However there are also several ghostly stories of man eater hunters associated with this National Park. Nevertheless it would be an amazing and memorable experience all together.


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May Destinations:

Madhya Pradesh

Heart of Mother India, Madhya Pradesh is the center of countless world heritage sites. From the sensual Khajuraho temple also called the ‘Kamasutra Scriptures’ to India’s oldest cave cluster called ‘The Caves of Bhimbetka’, Madhya Pradesh has it all. This historical land of Tatya Tope houses some of the most exotic reptiles, mammals and birds which are otherwise not found elsewhere in India. Madhya Pradesh also has many interesting place which are also world famous like Ujjain, Ranthambhor National Park, Gwalior fort, Sanchi Stupa and many more. Madhya Pradesh is also know for their mouth watering cuisine.


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Over past few years Manali has been one of the prime destination of Indians as a summer gate way. Manali in past couple years has evolved as a paradise for bikers and road trippers. Manali is actually a cluster of 3 vertical hills towering alongside each other, most prominent among which is the Dhungri Hill dominated by the famous ‘Hidimba Temple’. The indomitable terrain of Solang Valley attracts adrenaline junkies for a godly appetite of paragliding. There are amazing places to visit in Manali like Rotangpass, Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley, Great Himalayan National Park more. Its a perfect destination to travel with family or friends and if you want to experience the adventure than try visiting solo.


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June Destinations


Lansdowne is a quiet hill station surrounded with thick oak and blue pine forests and is situated in the pauri garhwal district of the Uttarakhnd. Lansdowne is pretty less crowded, clean and comparatively lesser known hill station. Well known for its scenic beauty and weather Lansdowne enchants you with well-preserved British heritage bungalows and churches. Lansdowne has many activity options in its kitty say from bird watching to trekking and from rock climbing to boating and many more. Its is good place to be explored.


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If you are looking for a blend of spirituality, adventure and timeless trance that flows through than Rishikesh is the perfect destination for you. Ganges the elixir of life not only appeases the religious lot but also has a lot in store for adventure seekers. It has also become a hub for adventure seekers, Rishikesh offers activities like zip lining, bungee jumping, forest camping mountain biking, cliff jumping, flying fox, kayaking, parasailing, paragliding, hot air ballooning and more. Its a perfect and must visit destination for all.

Rishikesh tops the list of India’s travel calendar for the year 2017.


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July Destination

Valley of Flowers – Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers is rated as the UNESCO world heritage site. Its a fairyland of Uttarakhand which sprawled over Chamoli district is a very romantic, filmy location and its imposing beauty that blooms to its full sprawl in July is sure to leave you spellbound. This bouquet of multi-hued flowers was discovered by an English mountaineer Frank S Smith whiles his expedition towards Mt Kamet around 1920. This glorious and sublime valley is said to be the same hill from where Hanuman brought ‘ sanjeevni vati’ for Lakshman to save his life in the legendary story of Ramayana and July is the best time to visit this destination.


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Trotting southwards, Kodaikanal also known as the princess of hill stations is situated in Tamil Nadu and has some of the most picturesque location like ‘Coakers Walk’, ‘Kodai Lake’ and temples such as ‘Kurindianjawar Temple’. This magnificent place is particularly noted for a distinctive and peculiar flower breed called ‘Kuringi’ which blooms after every ‘twelve years’. Yes. That’s right! Not only this but the idiosyncratic Kodai lake was also constructed by an Irishman with the help from high spirited and dedicated ‘elephants’. But also it is sad to know that such a beautiful destination is very underrated.


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August Destinations


Ladakh is one of the most famous and exacting trekking destinations in India. Also, there are beautiful lakes one like Pangong lake and indeed has the best, Tibetan market on Old Leh Road. Ladakh is the only destination where doubly humped camels can be found. These camels take you shopping for local Ladakhi products in the ‘Nubra Valley’. Sounds cool? Another marveling phenomenon is the ‘Magnet Hill’ also called ‘Gravity Hill’ in Leh. The alignment of tarred road with these dusty grey hills gives magical illusion of car drifting upwards. Whoa! Worlds highest motorable road is also in Ladakh. This destination in recent time is one of the highly recommended destination for biking, trekking and camping.


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Coorg, also known as the ‘Scotland of India’ has a vast coffee plantation to wake up to and houses to organic chocolates, spices and some of the most handsome peaks like Brahamgiri and Mandalpatti view point. There is a life affirmative feel at Chelevara Falls. Coorg is the only place in India where it is not illegal to possess weapons without license. It is scarcely populated and localities down in here are progressive thinkers with absolutely no clue about dowry system and child marriage. No damn clue! A perfect destination away from city life to relax and breath in a bit of fresh air.


September Destination


Bhandardara, a calm and cozy hill station in Maharashtra is adorned with beautiful forts and falls. If you are a history junkie or story hunter who likes solitude then Bhandardara is definitely your escape niche. Coming by the legend, it is said that sage Agasthya meditated here for about one year. pleased by his devotion, God gifted him a single stream of Ganges which is called River Pravara now and its is one of the amazing place for camping and trekking. Besides, Bhandardara marks a significant trekking destination in India, prominent ones being Mount Kalsubai, highest peak in Maharashtra and to the rustic sixth century Harishchandragad Fort. Bhandardara is a small hill station but it will surprise your with its beautiful and scenic lush green landscape.


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Kaas Plateau

One of the romantic, amazing, lively and blooming paradise on earth is the ‘Kaas Plateau’. This sprightly little escape is a naughty little volcanic plateau in Maharashtra sprawled with a spread of rare form of biodiversity and insectivorous plants like Venus flytrap and Drosera Indica. This excellent getaway option was declared as UNESCO’s biodiversity site in 2012. Take ornate and filmy looking selfies here and you’ll be an Instagram star!

One of top recommended destination by India’s travel calendar for the year 2017.


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October Destinations

Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Tiger Reserve, the largest tiger reserve in Chandrapur, Maharashtra can be best admired during the wintry October nip. It is the oldest National Park in the state. It is rightly called ‘Jewel of Vidharba’ as it is adorned not only with more than ten different kinds of big cats and leopards, sloth, bears and Hyna but is also studded with distinct teak forest and beautiful lakes. This is a best destination to visit on a long weekend.

India’s travel calendar for the year 2017 recommends this destinations for all wild life photographers and lovers.


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Gujarat, a vibrant state which is know for its mouth smacking food, unconventional festival, architectural marvels, famous temples and business community. Gujarat is also the place from where the Great Mahatma Gandhi come from. This is the land of lions and legends, also known as ‘Jewel of the West’, is the only home for ‘Asiatic Lions’. When we speak of Gujarat how can we not talk about Navratri. Navratri is also know as The longest dancing festival in the world which is the gift from Gujarat to the world. Embellished with festivals and cultural nights, aesthetic beauty and wildlife such as Gir Reserve, Gujarat has it all packed in one for all those fond of some quality living. Best time to visit Gujarat is during Navratri, which will definitely redefine the meaning of vibrancy.


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November Destinations


The home of artisans, folk musicians and puppet theaters, Rajasthan. November is an ideal time to hang out around the magnificent forts and fairs in Rajasthan. Just like Jaipur is known as ‘pink city’, Jaisalmer is the “golden city”, Udaipur is white, whereas Jodhpur is entirely blue. People of Rajasthan are life affirmative with huge fondness for bright florescent colors splashed in their ghunghats and turbans. The streets are always eventfully hustling with handsome camels more than people. Well… Rajasthan is not all desert but is also dotted with lush greenery and mighty hued clouds in some places. Rajasthan is also among’st those destination which also offers multiple adventure activity. Rajasthan is also famous for its annual desert festival which is simply amazing.


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Kerala is the most sought place in everyone’s travelers diary for its picturesque jaw dropping beauty. No wonder it is known as ‘God’s own country’. Kerala people practices Ayurvedic medication like a pro. Never miss out on an ayurvedic spa along with coconuts of course when in there! Recently, Kakathuruthu, a low profile destination in Kerala’s famous backwaters has been listed as one of the most stunning destinations in the world by National Geographic Magazine. This beauty is now the most coveted destination for globe trotters across the world and is a resounding nod to Kerala’s travel and tourism.


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December Destinations

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Happy land of butterflies, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are romantic and mysterious at the same time. These bountiful cluster of islands houses not only splendid sun kissed beaches but also the largest living ‘coconut crab’ and also the largest ‘sea turtle’ pertaining to the rich marine culture that it has. Talking of culture, one of these islands are home for ‘Jarwa tribe’ who don’t ever interact with the outsiders. They not less than 500 in number but are also the world’s most isolated tribe. Also for the all the water sports lovers this destination is no short of fun for all.


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Pondicherry – The Riviera of the East, gives a French feel with wide variety of inexpensive sea food and wines. It is also one of the upcoming destination for a new year parties. When in Pondicherry, do spend a lazy afternoon in the ‘Rock Beach’ having alcohol at a price less than regular cold drink. Yes! You do get liquor without any tax. As opposed to the French infrastructure and culture, there is an ancient historic Ganesh temple where an elephant, our big friend, collects coins from the visitors and bestow them with his choicest blessings with a cute tap with his trunk. Now you totally want to hit Pondicherry off your travel list first.


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From mountains to beaches, from monuments to adventure activity and from fashion to foods, Indian is one of the fewest land with wide variety and there is much more than what meets your eye. Than what are you waiting for, pack you bags, buckle up your shoe and explore India with India’s travel calendar for the year 2017.

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