Mussoorie – Beyond Mountain’s Beauty

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Do you know why is Lion the king of Jungle when Tiger’s brain is bigger than him? I know that’s a weird question but isn’t it tricky! Both the cats are deadly and as we humans bow down to the wits this question was troubling me. Maybe the looks and the social status among the kith and kin do matter, no doubt Social Media is ruling! I guess rulers have their traits, as the rulers who ruled over India for over 200 years had theirs. And who would have thought that Mussoorie’s discovery by them would be because of potatoes and mosquitoes? I will tell you the whole story and much more in this blog but primal would be the ghostly side of Mussoorie. I think hills and spooky stories are age-old friends and finding their friendship with the Queen of Hills would be interesting. Let’s know Mussoorie beyond mountains beauty!

What lies beyond the beauty of Queen of Hills, Mussoorie?
The Cherubic Mussoorie

Books have been written, movies have been made, Mussoorie is one such place which is by default one of the most loved hill station for many of us. What is it that drives so many travelers each year to this Horseshoe ridge overlooking the grand Doon valley, into its arms. Is it the storybook green forests, or the beauty of the mist-shrouded hills, or its adventure treks or its largest roller skating rink? Reasons can be many as this cherubic town doesn’t fall short of it. And in this blog, I am not going to sing accolades about the Kempty Falls, Company Garden, Happy Valley, Landour Bazaar, Chaar Dukaan, Lal Tibba, Gun Hill, the Camel Back cemetery, or the stunning Mall road. Neither would I weave a tapestry of words about the scenic views Mussoorie offers, rather I would take you to the unconventional track.

The exquisite charms of Mussoorie are many but Landour is for the noiseless admirers

Yes, this doesn’t mean that I would skip a fact which you ought to know. Some time back I told you about the Valley of Gods, Har ki Dun which I said offers the sight which is beyond words, beyond belief and beyond this immortal life.  I still back my words and It is Mussoorie from where the trekking to Har ki Dun begins.

Pari Tibba – Serenic or Spooky?

Visiting a haunted place has an adventure of its own and Mussoorie has not one but many such places. Lambi Dehar Mines, Savoy Hotel, Mullingar Mansion, the haunted house of Sister’s Bazaar, Pari Tibba and the lonely British houses crowded by Deodar trees all seem to have an eerie of their own. So why I am talking only about Pari Tibba? Let me explain. As for Lambi Dehar Mines, they are more of ruins and people mostly visit for clicking spooky photographs and nothing else. Yes, there is a back story but the ghost there seem to be moody as I couldn’t have the taste of supernatural. Then, taking the case of Savoy Hotel and Mullingar Mansion, travellers don’t spend their bucks in hotels and for experiencing any eerie experience you need to reside there for some days. Finally, leaving the haunted house of Sister’s Bazaar as I couldn’t be there, I chose Pari Tibba for you.

First, it holds spectacular views of the green mountains and believe me nothing like skipping the motored vehicle and having a trek to Pari Tibba. Second, out of the hustle-bustle of Mussoorie, this place gives you the actual feel of hills. And finally, it has a legend of paranormal activities. It is said that two of the lovers were once caught with the unusual lightning strikes which Pari Tibba faces and they died. Their corpses were recovered days after the event and their spirits still wander in the forests there. Various half-burnt trees that are struck by the lightening add evidence and ghostly factor to the legend. This is the reason Pari tibba is even called as Witch hill and the hills of fairies.

Mussoorie - Beyond Mountain's Beauty - Pari Tibba - Uttarakhand - The Backpackers Group
Pari Tibba must be paranormal, I think the beauty entices the spirits too
George Everest – The Unknown side of Mussoorie

I may not have hiked Mount Everest but I did have trekked up George Everest. If I am confusing you then let me tell you both Mount Everest and George Everest are named after one of the British Colonels of India, Col. George Everest. Fondly known as Hathipav house (One more quirky name in the list) and the Park Estate, George Everest’s House is a historical place to visit as people say this is the place where the map of India was made. I could not find any documental evidence about that but still, I want to believe what people told me there. The observatory is just one highlight of this place but the view from the peak top is just otherworldly. Right before your eyes, you see the Himalayas stretched out with their snow caps on while the doon valley woos the gaudy giants to spread their scent with the fog.

Should I not call it heaven instead of George Everest Peak? Image Source

Just a soft trek of 500 metres is what you need from the Park Estate to understand what serene really is.

The Name Game- Mount Potato/ Aaloo

Captain Federik Young who built the first British House in Mussoorie, aka, The Mullingar Mansion is said to be looking for a place where he could sow his Irish Potatoes. However, seeing the beautiful environment here Potatoes became secondary. It is not only the Potatoes, but Britishers were also looking for a place which could give them a home-like environment. Apart from this, even the widespread of Malarial Mosquitos near Dehradoon lead to the discovery of Mussoorie as Honeymoon Capital for them. Thankfully, the name of the town was inspired by the shrub which was grown here named Mansoor or Masuri which the shepherds fed their animals, otherwise, if it would have been inspired by their motto, Mount Potato would have been strange to call.

A Destination is more about experiences and Mussoorie is all set to invigorate you.

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