About Me

There is nothing much to say about me. But as the situation demands let me define myself in couple of words, “Musafir”. I shall revealing a little secret. Mostly people around me are working professionals & it is very obvious because I never shared my interest with others they know me as “just another human being”. So with that fact, let me share my travel life so far. For me travelling is a dope which is good addiction. I love travelling & going to places where I have never been before, exploring the secretes and experience the adventure are my top passion. Most of the places I have been are those which has interesting hidden stories that are lost is history.

Now, through my blog let me share my travel experience and interesting travel stories. This will help all traveler and trip planners to understand the Indian culture & heritage and also help them plan their travel effectively.

The intent of this blog is the get all the backpackers traveler as a group and explore the more places reveal the hidden stories.