Write For Us

Are you interested in sharing your travelling stories with us? Awesome! The Backpackers Group loves stories and is always ready to welcome you with your crazy yet invigorating travel diaries.

The inspiration for starting The Backpackers Group was to augment the wanderlust and to incite some long forgotten fables about the destination. We believe not only in knowing the destination as it is in present times but also in exploring the untold tales about places and cultures. So we have the confluence of some enchanting destinations, mystic cultures, enticing food and saga of myths and legends.

How can you be the part?

The stories which have been already published in our blog or are playing rounds on the internet, would not be exciting for any of us. You have been a lovable reader of The Backpackers Group so you can understand that the travel stories you share should be kind of value addition for our readers. We would suggest that you refrain from posting us any plagiarized or slightly modified content.

When you write about your experiences, they ought to get longer but too many things in single blog post seems like verbal diarrhoea. But even too short posts sound bizarre so the optimum length should be between 700-1000 words.  

Get-set go

Indulge us with your exotic, insane and incredible travel diaries by dropping a mail on info@thebackpackersgroup.com. We do not charge for posting your articles on our blog instead we would require a backlink from your blog and thus, we keep the publishing rights with us. Come on! We are waiting for your crude travel stories and this should be a happy hunting ground for both of us. Goodluck!