Har Ki Dun – Magical Mystical and Divine

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Life is full of ups and downs and we are always expecting that we stay on the upper end, forgetting the fact that it is the low’s which actually make the highs so pleasurable. Well, we never get what we expect. You don’t agree? Life is always about unexpected and so are you. The destination which I am going to take you is where you can reveal the unexpected version of yourself and find your soul. It is celestial for any trekker or a nature lover, like honey to bees. You are never alone here, mountains wearing the blanket of snow keep an eye on you, the cool breeze kisses you many times to register its presence and 3000 year old villages take you back to the time which is the part of historic stories. This amazing destination is none other than, Har Ki Dun – Magical Mystical and Divine.

Rightly said by Martin Buber, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.” 

Trekkers Paradise - Har Ki Dun-Magical Mystical and Divine - Uttrakhand - The Backpackers Group

A heavenly beauty which is here to stay forever – Image Source

Nature’s Secret Society

Uttrakhand which is the land of Gods has always been enticing tourists with many beautiful destinations. Being to Uttrakhand is a treat for eyes and inner self. Har Ki Dun is another mesmerizing destination in Uttrakhand which is endowed by beautiful serene, an enormous valley embraced by the mighty mountains, correctly signifying its name which means “Valley of Gods”.

Travellers call Har Ki Dun – Magical Mystical and Divine for a reason. The drama which this valley unfolds is magnetic, though it is still untouched by many trekkers. The Himalayas are embellished by this imposing Valley and proudly celebrate its exquisiteness sometimes with glittering feather light snowfall, sometimes with striking and exceptional flowers and sometimes with the song of rare birds which chirp to the tunes of this valley. There is so much beauty to behold in this valley that while you trek you will be encountered by such charisma that the definition of beautiful will change for life.

Snowy - Nature's Secret Society - Har Ki Doon-Magical Mystical and Divine - Uttrakhand - The Backpackers Group

Inhale the purity of sublime bliss and intoxicate your soul – Image Source

Trekkers Paradise

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is the most beautiful park of Garhwal region and it also is known to be the place which aided Lord Hanuman with medicine to treat Laxman. Feeling bizarre, why I am telling about the place in between? As this national park is the threshold to trekker’s paradise, Har Ki Dun. It is a seven day tour and is best for the first time trekkers as the difficulty varies from easy to moderate.

When you start your trek you will realise what nature was signalling to us with this cradle shaped valley. Yes, it is the cradle to many species of animals, birds and flowers which will add on to the heavenly experience of trekking. Surrounded by many mountains, it is the solitary valley which will allure you with the sight of snow tipped Swargarohini- I, II, III, Bandar poonch, Black peak / Kala naag and even the Ruinsara peaks and will exceed your expectations manifold.

Trekkers Paradise - Har Ki Dun Trek-Magical Mystical and Divine - Uttrakhand - The Backpackers Group.

Some destination leaves you speechless, Absolutely. Har Ki Dun – Magical Mystical and Divine – Image Source

The magic of walking augments when we transverse the ancient villages which are 3000 years old. It is not only great to meet the age old civilizations but also relieving because these villages Osla, Seema, Gangad are the places where we can resort for any urgent medical help. On the third day of your trek when you move from Osla to Har Ki Doon, the tonnes river which flowed side by side your trekking trail till now will be left behind as you ascend and you will get an awesome view of the sumptuous green valley loaded with wild orchids. You may even get a chance to spot Himalayan Barking Deer, Blue Sheep, Bharal, Bear or even a Leopard.

Untamed Landscape

Where in life was I busy? This is realization you get after reaching the majestic Har Ki Dun Valley, the sight is beyond words, beyond belief and beyond this immortal life. The scenery leaves you awe-struck and if you are very fortunate to witness the first snow of this trek, you will be lost in the spell of this ever growing beauty. Amidst the exploration, as you head to Jaundhar glacier, the panorama which this glacier spreads is immensely beautiful, serene and supernatural.

Untamed Landscape - Har Ki Dun-Magical Mystical and Divine - Uttrakhand - The Backpackers Group

Nature’s playground, where you cannot win. Har Ki Dun – Magical Mystical and Divine –     Image Source

When you head downwards, back to your original self, you realize some part of you is still up there calling you back to the divine place. When you experience such feeling which could not be expressed, such feelings are the best-kept secret.

Travel is considered as the preferred leisure activity, so why not, it be the leisure for our soul. Plan a trip to Har ki Dun and see how you get intoxicated by the charismatic beauty of emerald green mountains. I tried to portray my experience of Har Ki Dun and while doing so I was again back to the dreamland but I have to admit words are not enough for describing one of the most humbling scenery of India.

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