Pondicherry – A Charming Town

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Pondicherry, known as a city with dual personality. A small but major French capital of India, is yet another place that has everything from tranquility to night life. The city is composed and its contemporary architecture portraying the French style fascinates people from all walks of life. A trip of 2 to 3 days are good enough to explore and experience Pondicherry. It a perfect backpackers destination.

Witness The Fusion Of French And Indian Culture.

The French Riviera of the East, Pondicherry was a French colony which can still be felt in its culture, food and even architecture though it is very much Indian city. You would be awestruck by witnessing the locals’ fluency in the French language, the streets marked in French along with English and Hindi, old quarters with vibrant colors and Mediterranean style houses and bakeries. You can enjoy the French delicacy such as pizza, pasta & best wines without having to travel to France. The music, art and literature depict the true sense of French culture.


Front facade of the French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) – Image Source

Explore The Gracious Town

Pondicherry is no short of attractions and activities, for this little holiday destination has loads hidden in its kitty. However, when in Pondicherry, the following are a must to experience:

Organic chocolate – What’s better than relishing an unpacked fresh organic chocolate just out from the factories? Yes, if you are in Pondicherry you ought to lay your hands on the vegan Mason and chocolates. A visit to their factory in Auroville is a treat in itself where you can buy as well as sample chemical-free organic, vegan chocolates. Enjoy the first-hand experience of manufacturing chocolate and see some raw ingredients turn into a heavenly delight!


Delicious local made chocolate which is only found in Pondicherry – Image Source

French Theatres – Pondicherry still has a very strong French presence in its lifestyle; it’s not rare to see road signs and streets marked in French. One of the places where you can still feel the French aura are the French theatres which are present all over Pondicherry but the theatres in Auroville definitely need a special mention as they have maintained the charm of French culture. Auroville is a mystical enterprise, which believes in creating theatre in Auroville involves mind, body and soul and with loads and loads of true love and passion.


Image Source

Cycling tours – The Dutch styled city has yet other striking features and that are its bicycle guided tours. If you wish to explore the city, then there is nothing better than these tours which take you around the classical French colonies and countryside. These tours have excellent guides who speak English and French and several other local languages. There are various routes which you can select according to your convenience which are not only short but also very precise. Enjoy a hot steaming South Indian breakfast after the tour and laze around in this beautiful city


Image Source

Parasailing  Untouched shoreline, golden glittering sand, impressive waves, and vibrant beach shacks are few of the characteristics of the beaches in Pondicherry. Apart from sun bathing and lazing around, the beaches in Pondicherry are excellent for water sports especially parasailing. The beaches are not too commercialised and offer you serene breath-taking sceneries which would rediscover the artist in you. From sun to sand, boats to cafes, these beaches offer everything at one place.

The Must Visit Places

  • Pondicherry - Aurovilla: The International Township
    "The City Of Dawn", Aurovilla an ideal place for idealistic learning. An international township dedicated to peace, harmony and sustainable life for people across the globe. Image Source


Get Around

Poncdicherry is a relatively small city, most of the must visit place are within 4 to 5 km. Commuting is not much an issue. There are many vendors offering vehicles on rents at a decant cost which would vary from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 depending on the vehicle you chose. There are many other options which you can chose from, like shared auto’s, private busses & state transport service.


Experience pocket friendly “tum-tum” ride to explore Pondicherry. – Image Source

The beautiful town in the South of India would please you to your heart with its remarkable features without having to travel to France. You would be so pleased to have tasted a French influence that too in India without losing on the essence of Indianism. It’s indeed a perfect amalgamation of France and India.

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