7 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel

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Don’t you agree waiting for the train which awfully gets delayed from minutes to hours is so painful? Or the bus journey which should have taken four hours end up stretching to six hours, is miserable? I don’t know how studies implicate that spending on travel makes people happier instead of buying a material thing. Just a few days back, I saw one of my friend going nuts after purchasing iPhone X. Am I sounding weird to you this time? Then just read along as in this blog I would not justify travelling rather tell you 7 reasons about why you should not travel. I know many of your acquaintances are already thanking me, I accept all that in advance.

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel - India Travel - The Backpackers Group

Travelling is a contagious disease. Don’t quarantine yourself Image Source

Travel for interesting stories? what’s so Fascinating

People say that when you travel the world around, you have so many fascinating stories to tell the world, and friends most importantly. But who needs so much trouble packing bags, leaving our near ones and whisk ourselves away to the unknown just to create great memories as well as unforgettable experiences and share them with your friends? When all they want to talk is about Game of Thrones or Big Boss. I do not know why I am still not seeing them.

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Every corner of India has some story then why not explore one – Why You Should Not Travel        Image Source

They say, “You find yourself”

How contradictory statement is this? Out in the lavish green environs, the snowcapped mountains, the cloudy mist and the whole enthralling landscape just entice your heart to leave your side. And in case you are in some place which is adorned by a river or a tranquil beach when the silvery waves rolling on the golden sands touch your feet you just bequeath yourself to the fantabulous love of nature. I know only the losing part but where is the finding part? Yes, of course, our families somehow manage to connect even in the troubling network areas and they find us.

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When your soul is left agape seeing the phenomenal drama which nature unfolds then there is nothing more to find Image Source

Being a Bed Bug is absolutely fine

Sleeping in your own bed is such a heaven. We just love the cacophony of urban life and it is the lullaby for us to sleep peacefully. Who wants to sleep in the quaint environment like in Nako, Himachal Pradesh or in breathtaking picturesque precincts of Ladakh or maybe in a swaying houseboat sailing on the backwaters of Alappuzha, Kerala? Maybe on my trip to Chandratal which I consider Himachal’s best-kept secret, I had most satisfying slumber even under the starlit sky and freezing cold as I was under the spell of its surreal beauty. Albeit, we all like the cacophony of urban and you know why you should not travel.

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Experience of sleeping on natures beds is unbeatable Image Source

Google search – The best innovation

Why trouble oneself and go to unconventional festivals of India to know the culture, stories and traditions? Google is the best tool to know everything then why to go wild and ecstatic and spend your hard earned money to be the part of festivals about which you just have the slightest information. After all seeing the walls of your cubicles and your home daily is not less than a festival for you. How stupid of me, I am telling you reasons of why you should not travel, when your ideas too are caged in the precincts of the virtual world. Epic!

History is best kept in books

Why entangle your brain with amazement reliving the history and seeing the age-old remarkable architecture with your own eyes? You already had enough lectures on History and those dates are still nightmares. The great sundial of Jantar Mantar Jaipur, the unbelievable acoustics of Golconda fort, Dholavira and so many other marvels of the bygone era are just so boring and too hectic to walk and discover. Forget the mind-boggling part! The plethora of travel channels and internet storytellers are doing their job right so why not watch the series of it sitting on the couch with a packet of chips. Sadly, my couch bites my ass!

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When lyrics of the history is sung it even sounds more amazing Image Source

Adventure=Risking your lives

Who would like to sway in the ferocious water on a dainty raft which can throw you into freezing water with a strong wave? Or Who would like to jump in the death like valley and hang upside down just to fly free as a bird? Or Who would like to be lost in woods with friends just to see the indigenous wildlife? The euphoria, the ecstasy or the adrenaline rush these are just words which sound good to ear but experiencing them is way too risky. Why you should not travel seems out of the question as travelling is contagious and addictive for you, do not try it for a flick of ebullience. Anyways, who all are going for the skywalk in Sikkim which is supposed to get completed by 2018?

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Adventure is the new world in itself no second thought on that Image Source

The zing of your life Instagram/ Facebook/ Whatsapp

In this era of the internet when everybody is busy posing happily in selfies who has time to travel? Just imagine, you already have unending office hours, the daily family chores and compulsory social media presence to live with then why to over-stress yourself traveling on the long weekends when you can rest? Who has time to cherish life outside the boundaries of your comfort? Although, studies implicate travel eases out stress and brings out the best out of you but aren’t you happy taking stress? Hmmm.. That’s tricky but if you like this travel blog you have the answer “Why you should not TRAVEL?”

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Why you should not travel! Life beyond the digital world is not so fascinating. Isn’t it?           Image Source

Those who say,

“Do not tell me to travel,

I would not be able to exist out of my comfort zone.

Do not tell me to experience the phenomenal,

I am happy with my idiot box and social media on phone

Do not tell me to flee from peripheries in name of adventure,

It is just an illusion and outcome of diarrhoea of someone’s jawbone.”

If that was true there would not have been any Columbus or James Cook

No one would have ever known the moon beyond the fairy book

And the wondrous world would have waited for someone to travel and unravel the unknown.


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