Odisha – Simplifying Beauty

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Odisha possess variety of tourist places to add more to the memories of this fantabulous journey. It has numerous heritage sites offering great connection to the past. Waterfalls and hill stations are beyond the description. They all sums up to make it quite a tourist place for those who don’t enjoy wildlife and temples.

Apart from these, culture and heritage sites are enriching the already consuming aura of Odisha. Despite of the complexity, Odisha is simply beauty defined in best way possible. People are enthusiastic and lovely, full of culture and affection. Hence the charm of Odisha is million times multiplied because of the love and affection poured by people. It is one stop travel destination for all type of traveler.

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Situated in the perfect location, Odisha offers travelers a great location to spend their vacations. Mountains and sea at one place can be seen and cherished here making it almost impossible to remember anything but the beauty of this state. On one hand where you can enjoy mountaineering and trekking, you have a chance to get yourself consumed in water sports too.

Rivers and lakes here add up to the already serene environment, making you feel relaxed and pulling you away from the hectic life.

Rushikulya Beach – Odisha is bestowed with a gorgeous coastline which blesses it with some of the most pristine beaches one of which is Rushikulya Beach with tranquil seashores that refresh your mind body and soul. Refresh yourself at the most tranquil environment amidst the nature at the Rushikulya Beach. One of the finest beaches in the whole nation can be seen in Odisha. One can see Indian navy on these beaches and feel more of proud about the nation’s defense. Sand artwork is another art form that found its place in this state making the visit to beaches more of an artistic experience.

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Daringbadi – Popularly known as the “Kashmir of Odisha”, Daringbadi summons with an amazing diversity of natural beauty. Located at an altitude of 3000 ft in the Kandhamal district, Darinbadi holds immense plea for those with a starry eye for gorgeous exquisiteness. The fact that it is known as the Kashmir of Odisha is that it’s the only place which experiences snowfall and indeed is a summers retreat.

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Adventure Sports in Odisha – Odisha is located on the eastern coast of India. It is a unique combination of nature’s diversity. Eastern Ghats offer you the intimidating mountains and Bay of Bengal makes you fall you in love with sea. There are loads of adventure programmes, hence if you want to indulge in some adventure then enroll yourself for a 3-5 day adventure programme which consist of parasailing, river rafting, rock climbing, etc.

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Due to semi-tropical climate, flora and fauna here are one of the major attractions that captivates the soul and self being of the individual. Apart from jungles and forests, there happens to be numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks  such as Simlipal National Park and Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary which only do better in your visit to Odisha. They take you a step closer to the immensely beautiful life in forests. Flora and fauna is quite rich in this state which is impossible to describe as their beauty leaves you speechless and bewildered. Some of the other popular sanctuaries in Odisha consist of Gahirmatha, Chilka, Sunabeda, Kotagarh, Karlapat and Debrigarh sanctuaries.

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Turtle Breeding

Turtle breeding can be seen on the Gahirmatha beaches, which is a delightful sight, watching turtles of every size and every age. It’s in indeed one of the biggest nesting beach for turtles in the world. The Olive Ridley turtles happen to nest in large numbers in the month for November in order to mate in the coast of Odisha. You would be amazed to see all sizes of turtles in their own habitat.

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Bird Watching Adventure

Bird watching at Chilka lake-chilka lake is famous for its migratory birds especially the pink flamingos. The waded white ibis happens to migrate and rest at the Chilka lake from Bangladesh. Another rare and the most beautiful bird which is certainly a treat to the eyes is the Brahminy ducks from Mongolia. Chilka lake is one of the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia which is a home for many species of birds and also invite many migratory world which come from all over the world.

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Dola Purnima – Holi

Despite being one of the most developed areas in matter of economic contribution to the country, Odisha has done justice to its culture and all the religions. An indescribable enthusiasm can be seen in the people here towards any of the festivals especially Dola-purnima or Holi. They all celebrate and live them with full hearts.

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Temples in Odisha are nothing but heavenly. Fine architectural work and art work can be seen in these temples making it hard to take your eyes of the sky touching domes of the temples engraved with finely carved idols of lords. Some of the temples which are a must visit are the Jagannath Temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath, Konark Sun Temple which is stands in the form of a sun and is dedicated to the Sun God and the Mukteshwar temple which is known as the jewels of Odisha due to its gorgeous sculptures and sophisticated architecture.

Konark Temple

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Rath Yatra – Jagannath Puri

Jagannath Rath Yatra - Odisha - Backpackers group

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Best time to visit Odisha.

Winter is the best season to travel in Odisha. If you are a budgeted traveler or planning a cost effective than January is the best month to plan you visit. Generally, November to March are recommended to visit.

How to reach Odisha

Airways: The airport is located in Bhubaneswar which is the capital of Odisha well linked with the airports of Metro cities & other major cities.

Railways: Odisha is well connected with important stations of major states with decent frequency.

Roadways: Odisha has good road network & national highway connecting major cities.

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