Hampi Festival – When History Incarnates

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Hey! How were your travel dates with life (since corporate life is no life)? I asked you this because August and September were loaded with long weekends and I believe you must have cracked some crazy trips then. Travelling in monsoon has its own charm. The virescent beauty with which nature is dusted sways my heart with peace. Though, I sometimes fear that I may not step on some tiny jumping jack, frog, as they are abundant in this season. What a wondrous animal it is? And I think that we have always been awed by them (Remember those childhood tales?). I have even heard that they can freeze themselves into ice in winters and come back to life in summers. Whoa! Although that’s the wood frog, still it is mind-blowing. Akin to this animal, the historical city of Hampi comes to life as it was years before on every Hampi Festival, an incredulous incarnation of history.

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River rafting on these coracle rides doesn’t seem to be of this age Image Source

The days of festivities – Hampi Festival

If somebody told you that there is nothing in Hampi except for the ruins and temples, then do not believe them. I bet when you visit this small town of Karnataka, sitting on the banks of the river Tungabhadra, you would be taken aback with awesomeness. Yes, ruins are an integral part of Hampi as it was once the capital of opulent Vijayanagara Empire but they have their own mesmerism. However, when I visited the Hampi festival, I wondered, “Where are the ruins?” During the three days of festivity, the past era comes to life. And if you are thinking about how this happens then mind you after knowing that you would be booking your tickets right away. (I did that!)

So, what is your definition of a carnival? Whatever it may be, Hampi festival fulfils that. Whether it may be the cultural celebration with dance and drama, puppet shows and the music shows or the gala parade of beautifully adorned horses and elephants with trumpets and pipes resounding in the background, Hampi festival woos you in every way. What left me open-mouthed was the sight of mutual jubilance of our glorious history. Imagine, not only the locals but national and international stars showcase their talent here. And the sublime is, you don’t have to restrict yourself being a spectator only, there is so much more to do. From malkhamba, traditional weightlifting, kabaddi, cross-country cycling, kite-flying, archery or trekking, there are an array of activities to boost up your adrenaline rush.

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Oh! I forgot… about the Hampi Festival

Yes, there is way more excitement packed in these three-days of celebration. While I know you must be already smitten by awe with the grandeur of Hampi Festival, but there are more notes to be added in the lyrical journey of enticement. I know we are not as righteous as Yudhistra to go to heaven alive but you can go to Hampi Festival to catch the glimpse! (Quirky connect) The 15 Kilometre stretch of Hampi ruins tethered along the bank of Tungabhadra river, lighted up in different hues, is not less than the other world. Adding on to the galore of splendour is the light and sound show. It may sound juvenile but I would add-on that the grandeur of Bahubali movie by which we all were awestruck is what Hampi seems during the festival.

The riveting facets

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once a major trading centre and the reign of King Krishnadeva Raya is considered golden in the history of Hampi. I don’t know whether with Hampi and Krishnadeva Raya you had the reminisce of one of the superheroes of our childhood? The great Tenaliraman, the advisory in King Krishnadeva Raya’s court and the one who had filled our small minds with bewilderment through his supernatural wit. The fables of Tenaliraman still woo me.

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Virupaksha Temple – A sheer delight to watch Image Source

But when you step into Hampi its not only these age-old tales that reverberate, the stones to echo. I am talking about the Vittala temple where the architectural magnificence of our ancestors have made stones and pillars, a cornucopia of musical instrument. And the stone chariot in this temple complex is also one of its kind. And this awesomeness is not bounded. Actually, for me, Hampi is a bewitching journey where brilliance is sprinkled in copious amounts. You would know this when you visit the Virupaksha Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, the archaeological museum and many other noteworthy places in Hampi.

P.S. Admission to this mind-blowing Hampi Festival is still free of cost. Make it to Hampi Festival this November. Also, Hampi is the synonym of stories, be it the mythological one or the historical one. So whether you take a coracle ride on Tungabhadra river or visit a site, you will get to know a new legend of Hampi. Be amazed!

How to reach Hampi

Hampi is one of the prominent tourist destinations majorly known for Hampi Festival. This annual festival is generally scheduled for the 1st week of November from 3rd – 5th November.

Travelling By Bus: Hampi is a well-connected destination with major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Hyderabad & other major cities there are frequent bus services to Hospet by operators like KSRTC, VRL, RP Kamat Group etc which is the closest town to reach Hampi.

Travelling By Train: Hospet Jn is the closest station to reach Hampi and it has a good rail network connected from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Bangalore etc.

Travelling By Air: The nearby airport to reach Hampi is Hubli airport but practically it is advisable to take a flight to Bangalore and an overnight bus to Hospet town or you can also take train journey (Hubli Express).

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