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Can you impress a saint with a smartphone? No. Same is the case with travellers. They have been so much excitement that petty or the usual things don’t sway them much.  The fact is that impressing your traveller friend lies in the art of gifting and not everyone possesses skills of selecting the apt gift. But if you fall in the latter part and you are confused what gift can touch the heart of your friend on his/her birthday. Then I suggest can you buy one of the following gifts for your traveller friend. It is actually not that hard to make your traveller friend feel that they hold a special place in your life.

Gifts for travellers - The Backpackers Group

Gifts for your traveller friends which they can use and treasure – Image Source

Rucksack Backpack

Backpack for the traveller is like a lifeguard jacket to a non-swimmer. While choosing a Rucksack backpack for your bestie, just check that the bag should ready to withstand all the travel trouble put on it. Its material should be strong enough that it can be hauled on trains, thrown in coaches or endure your friend’s butt when there is no place to sit. One more thing that you have to look is, does the bag you are opting has enough pockets to keep your pal’s things organized. Otherwise, there are days in every traveller’s life when the clean underwear is just hard to find out. No, even smelling doesn’t work since it is all so mixed. Oh! Please don’t assume that it has happened with me as well or rather I would say keep guessing.

Rucksacks travel bag - Gifts for your traveller friend - The Backpackers Group

One of the gifts for your traveller friend which will give them the reason to travel- Image Source

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag is the most basic accessory for trekkers and campers. For leaving an impression you can gift the person a customized sleeping bag. By this, I mean that you can order as per the height, extra layer of a quilt for that extra chilly nights or an added hood.  One feature which will make your gift even better is that the bag should dry fast and should be non-allergic that your friend does not end scratching his body. Also as per the gender, the space of the sleeping bag can be accommodated.

Trekking Sleeping Bag - Gifts for your traveller friend - The Backpackers Group

Give your friend a reason to sleep under the sky and witness the star coming to party at night –Image Source


Living under the stars has its own zeal and this excitement doubles when this place is somewhere in midst of a forest or over the mountains. Simply Wow! The experience cannot be defined in words and if I had to tell you I would say that it is somewhat like sleeping in mother’s lap.  Just think what a wonderful gift it can be; when he goes for trekking then he can put his tent to rest and behold every sight of the ever changing nature. Endless journeys in wild are waiting to reveal their secret to the savvy traveller in your life.

Portable Camping Tent - Gifts for your traveller friend

For those who love nature and enjoy living outdoors – Image Source

Life Straw

Water sometimes can be a big problem while travelling. When you hike mountains or go to places which do not have any source/shops for purified water you often carry more water bottles in your backpack thus increasing the weight and making your journey tiresome. Now you can rescue yourself with life straw. It can purify water in streams, lakes or containers. Why I am telling it to you because I feel this is the product which you should gift your traveller pals so that they don’t risk their health while travelling.

Portable Water Drinking Life Straw - Gifts for your traveller friend - The Backpackers group

Life straw is the secret mantra for safe and healthy travelling – Image Source

Swiss Knife

“Dear Friend, I see you as a multipurpose person, managing your office, your life and your travel. Here goes a multi-purpose gift.” How about giving your traveller pal a swiss knife with this lovely message? A Swiss knife is an ultimate travel tool with different Blades, can opener, bottle opener, multipurpose hook, scissors, tweezers, wood saw, corkscrew and reamer. Reading all the parts of this compact knife you can make out how often your dear one would remember you while his/her travel.

Portable Swiss Knife - Gifts for your traveller friend - The Backpackers Group

Such gifts for your traveller friend is always a good choice – Image Source

Barbeque Maker

Grilled chicken or a grilled fish caught from the river directly, drooling already? So for the acquaintances who love to camp on the riverside or remote places away from the hustle bustle of city life Barbeque Maker can be great. The most awesome part about this gift is that you can loop in for the trip and enjoy the most scrumptious food. With this present, your friend would not sleep empty stomach.

Camping Barbeque Maker - gifts for your traveller friend - The Backpackers Group

A barbeque maker is an apt gift for trekker and camping freaks – Image Source

Microfiber fast drying Towel

How many times have you been scolded by your mother for keeping a wet towel on the bed? Don’t stress yourself I know it’s uncountable. Well! The wet towel is also a problem for travellers as packing a wet towel infuses smell in the whole backpack. But what do you think the waterfalls, rivers, lakes and beaches would not hypnotize your friend with its charm? They surely will, hence, gifting one microfiber fast drying towel can be the best benefaction.

Microfiber Towel - Gifts for your traveller friend - The Backpackers Group

A quick drying towel easy to use and convenient to carry. A must carry thing while camping –Image Source

Magnesium Firestarter

Long distances, adventures and many other discoveries keep calling your mate who is bitten by the travel bug. Magnesium fire starter can be one thing which can keep the travel bug alive in your friend. So while he making a quest to climb mountains or go jungle safaris, this Magnesium Fire Starter can help him kindle a flame easily and keep the fierce animals away from his camp. When the fire is ablaze, he may also cook his food and keep himself warm on the shivery nights.

Magnesium Fire Starter - travel tool - Gifts for your traveller friend - The Backpackers Group

Gift your travel friend a magnesium fire starter stick for ultimate travel experience –           Image Source

Phew! Thinking about gifts for your traveller friend is a big task in itself and I hope that I made the work easy. Also, I believe my friends too would have got an idea that what they can gift me on my birthdays or anytime (gifts should not wait). On a serious note, your interest may be like fire and ice, very contrasting to each other but when you gift any of these, you truly celebrate the sheer joy of travelling with your friend.

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