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Have you ever jumped on a trampoline? How simple it seems but when you jump on it then you realize what power it withholds. Same goes with the traveller they seem like normal beings but when you know them within you find them a different breed altogether. But this is not all said and done for travellers. You will be amazed to know that different travellers approach to travel in a very different way. So let us dig deeper into the travellers personality trait.

Travellers Personality Trait - Bared! - The Backpackers Group

Discover which travellers personality trait you belong too – Image Source

The Penny Pinchers

If you are among those who are not able to manage their budget even after many efforts, then the penny pinchers will help you out. It’s a very rare travellers personality trait. They are masters in budget travel and if you travel with them, you would understand how with 100 bucks you can travel a destination and still have loads of fun. Shame is not their game, from hitchhiking to staying at stranger’s residence with food and services complimentary, you will learn it all. These kinds of travellers don’t tie themselves to a specific type of destination. They just flow with the wind and travel wherever they find budget travelling options are available.

Penny Pinchers - Travellers Personality Trait - The Backpackers Group

Who said for travelling you need to be rich? – Image Source 

The Introverts

These are the peace chasers who are not able to express themselves completely to the people around them. The tsunami of their thoughts, emotions and freedom comes to rest in the arms of nature. These travellers find their soul on mountains and hilltops. They find solace often travelling alone and to the secluded spots where they can spend their time in harmony with their own self. When you are in rush to see different sightseeing options, they sync into the music which nature bring to their ears, the whistling woods, the singing birds and the hymn of water. Whoa! Writing this made me crave for that soulful music.

Introvert Traveler - Travellers Personality Trait - The Backpackers Group

They dig deep into the woods where they pamper they soul with peace – Image Source

The Extroverts

These are the travellers who will make you envious with their energy. They are party animals and just love to be around people. They are outgoing and are always in search of a happening destination where they can make new friends or hang with the existing ones. Beach festivals are best travel options for these travellers where they can sway with the pursuit of their vigour and dance the night away. Apart from the beaches, extreme adventures are what these travellers always look to mollify the adrenaline rush.

Beach parties - Extrovert Traveller - Travellers Personality Trait - The Backpackers Group

Bring It On – born to party hard & live every moment of their life – Image Source

The Bullheaded

A very common travellers personality trait. These kinds of travellers are more like strict mothers who even on holiday follow a regime. They are level headed people who are stubborn with the itinerary and try avoiding the path which is out of their perseverance. From transport plans to accommodation options and from the restaurant they would eat to the bar they would drink, everything is always in line. They believe in scheduling everything systematically so that they don’t miss out anything. Hence, theoretically, they know everything about the city they travel. Take a spontaneous travel plan to them and they would say a no.

Systematic Traveller - Travellers Personality Trait - The Backpackers Group V1

They are systematic travel bot, believe in connecting dots – Image Source

The lazy butt

By reading the lazy butt don’t assume that these would have the least fun in travelling. Lazy people are the smartest people. They know how to extract pure pleasure from anything they do. Picturesque riverbanks or peaceful lakeside are the places where you can find these travellers camping and enjoying the nature benevolence without much ado. The other lot of these travellers just loves to wallow in the luxury of the hotel and mostly hop on to a resort or hotel where they can enjoy extravagantly.

Lazy traveller - Travellers Personality Trait - The Backpackers Group

They redefine travelling smart – Image Source

The curious pods

Curiosity is the basic ingredient in all the travellers. But here I am talking about the ones who are curious about everything to a level higher than others. For example, while you may enjoy the art and sculptures of Khajuraho and get sufficed, the curious pods will find out the story and reason behind such portrayal of sculptures. They will look for the missing sculptures and try locating them. Unconventional places excite them and they love to go offbeat to unveil the secret which the place holds. They are intellectual and cannot digest anything without logic. Sit beside them and you will know the stories which you never knew about the places you visit. Hiking, trekking, road trips or following the food trail or just any destination which lets them explore, is what these travellers look for.

Curious traveler - Travellers Personality Trait - The Backpackers Group V1

Nomads fall under this travellers personality trait. They are master key for mysteries –      Image Source

The loneliness evaders

While these travellers are ready with their backpack to travel anytime but they don’t move without their friends/group. They just hate being alone in an unfamiliar locale or rather I should put it this way that even the most exciting place seems dull to them without the desired company. One of my friend who is of this particular kind, always asks, “Akele Ja Ke Kya Karoge?” This is the mystery they cannot fathom. They are related to chaos and noise which is the main element of group travel. Wildlife Safaris, river rafting, paragliding or the destination which have similar adventures and are more fun in the group is what the loneliness evaders look for.

Group Traveller - Travellers Personality Trait - The Backpackers Group

Two is company and three is travel.

I will pack this up with a very weird example, Just pick up the air conditioner remote and see how many modes it has for cooling. All the modes ultimately cool your room down but they work best in a specific condition. Same is the case with the traveller, they all want to explore but what destination brings the best out of them depends on their personalities. This connection was really bizarre, I also felt so. But I think you got the point. Bingo! So are you amongst these travellers personality trait?

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