Diu Festival – Longest Beach Festival Of Asia

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Festa De Diu, Diu Festival – Longest Beach Festival Of Asia where music, art, food & culture finds space by the beach with the sky above, waters on the side, and a long beach around, makes the perfect trip to the longest beach festival of Asia. Set along the Diu beaches, the two-and-half-month carnival starting from December to February every year promises great fun, adventures, and excitement amidst its natural setting.

Diu Festival - festa de diu - longest beach festival of asia - the backpackers group

Longest beach festival in Asia is the fusion of fun, food and fest. A once of it kindly fest which is attracting the foreign tourist in huge numbers – Image Source

With the Indian winters hitting the shores of the beach and the warmth of sun touching upon the sand, well it calls for sun-soaking and popular beach games like beach bowling, volleyball, water bucket relay and flying a kite. Not to miss, the thrills of hot balloon rides and bungee jumping and if you look for peace and tranquillity, the “Ilha De Calma” should not be missed. Amidst such celebrations and breath-taking events, the Diu Festival welcomes you to an unlimited extravaganza.

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Diu Facts

Before getting deep into the fun and fiesta, let’s have a look at the couple of most interesting facts about Diu:

Along with Goa, Daman and Diu got independence from the clutches of Portuguese, through military support and operation, way back in 1961. Until 1987, both remained as Union Territory, when Goa achieved the status of an independent state whereas Daman and Diu were clubbed into a Union Territory.

Diu’s culture is a traditional blend of Gujaratis and Maharashtrians. The region is also touched upon by small traces of culture and customs of the Portuguese.

Diu Festival - festival village - festa de diu - longest beach festival of asia - the backpackers group

Experience one of the most amazing stay in the festival village at Festa De Diu – Longest beach festival of Asia – Image Source

Fiesta à la Festa – Diu Festival

It’s a Fiesta at the Diu Festival, when you spend a fantastic evening, with spellbound performances by amazing bands, versatile musicians, hilarious comedians and interesting workshops. Moving to the romantic music of the musicians, lip-singing lyrics along with the band members, having endless laughter to the seriously joking comedians and learning innovative things at the workshops is all that you can expect at the beach festival. Well, you and your friends or family can make your to-do list, and set your priorities.


Diu Festival - event - festa de diu - longest beach festival of asia - the backpackers group

One of the most happening events at Diu Festival. The best festival for music lovers            Image Source

Around DIU.

With luxurious accommodation in air-conditioned tents, porches, king-size beds and an on-site spa. The Diu Festival promises to add liveliness and charm to your living and makes you fall in love with life. Besides the sophisticated tents which get you live at the moment, the Diu Fort, Naida Caves and the Church of St. Francis Assisi takes you to pre-historic times and talks about old Diu. Paying a visit to such wonderful spots, you get close to the roots of the Union Territory and discover its rich history and long-standing culture.

Diu Festival - diu fort - Festa de Dui - longest beach festival of asia - the backpackers group

The most attractive and magnificent standing tall on the west coast of Diu – Image Source

Adventures at Festa De Diu

Festa De Diu is indeed incomplete without adventurous activities and if you are passionate about thrills and exciting adventures, well, a visit to Diu during the festival, is something you don’t want to miss. Make yourself busy with the Hot Balloon Ride, where you shall fly over the Arabian Sea. The bungee jumping will also take you straight to the mighty waters of Arabian. You can also give a try at Zip Lining between cliffs, which will shake your mind with full gusto.

Diu Festival - activities at diu - festa de diu - longest beach festival of asia - the backpackers group

Hot air ballooning over the Arabian Sea at Dui Fest is simply mind-blowing. Its one of its kind experience in India which not even Sunburn Fest offers – Image Source

With such marvelous activities, famous tourist places and the very special Diu beach, you can make an excellent vacation with your friends and family. The region is equally welcoming towards the lone travelers, who shall find personal space and fulfill the thirst of traveling and encounter new places, meeting new people and connecting with nature.

It is one festival that draws people, from every nook and corner and provides a relishing experience for all travel groups. With the approaching winters, schedule your visit at the famous Festa De Diu, Diu Festival – Longest Beach Festival In Asia!!

Diu Festival - festa de diu - longest beach festival of asia - the backpackers group

At Festa De Diu experience the fun like never before – Image Source

How to reach Diu

By Air: Nagoa is the Diu’s own airport, which is well connected by regular flight from other major cities of the country.

By Rail: There are no direct trains for Diu, nevertheless, major cities like Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Pune and other few cities are directly connected to Veraval station which is approx 100 km from Diu.

By Road: Diu is well connected with major cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and other major cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Things you need to carry 


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