Lesser Known Lakeside Camping Destinations.

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Travelling & exploring new place have become one the major hobby in last few years. There are many people who eagerly wait for the long weekend. They even calculate the number of a long weekend in that particular year, not just to relax at home but to explore new places. When we speak of exploring new places there could not be any better way than camping, trekking and hiking.

Camping is one of the most adventurous activities, you must have definitely heard of seaside camping, mountain camping and even camping in a natural reserve’s, but have you heard of lakeside camping. Yes, lakeside camping provides the same level of thrill and satisfaction as any other camping destinations. India has many such destinations which have beautiful lakes but are not quite explored.

Following are some of the beautiful lakeside camping destination in India.

Khajjiar Lake – Himachal Pradesh:  Khajjiar lake is located in Khajjiar, in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, which provides one of the most magnificent lakeside camping destinations in India. Khajjiar is no short of natural beauty and is often known as the “Mini Switzerland of India” Enjoy the magnificent ripples of the lake under a clear starry night. Khajjiar itself is a paradise for adventure sports such as paragliding, zorbing and trekking. Best time to visit Khajjair is between January to March.


Beautiful lake at the centre of the huge lush green land surrounded by dense pine trees – Image Source

Kappil Lake – Varkala, Kerala: Varakala is nestled in the Gods own country, Kerala which is no short of unexplored beaches, lush green hills and crystal clear lakes. The Kappil lake is definitely a treat for tourist who loves camping next to the lake. The lake is at its best during the month of September and April.


One of the amazing yet less explored destinations for lakeside camping – Image Source

Lonar Crater Lake – Lonar, Maharashtra: The picturesque town of Lonar is situated around the Lonar Crater lake which got its name due to the crater which was formed due to the meteorite hit. The most noted thing about the Lonar lake is that it’s the only salt water lake which is formed in the basaltic rock. This lake not only provides a great site for camping due to its location but also is very popular with scientific research. The best time for camping at Lonar lake is from November to February.


Lesser know weekend lakeside camping destination of Maharashtra – Image Source

Tadoba Lake – Tadoba, Maharashtra: Yet again Maharashtra provides one of the most unexplored lake weekend destination named as Tadoba. People often come to visit Tadoba for it Tiger reserve and enjoy camping near the Tadoba lake while enjoying other tourist attractions such as the Erai dam, Moharli and Khosla village.


One of the adventurous experience of camping between the wildlife at Tadoba reserve –  Image Source

Pavana Lake – Kamshet, Maharashtra: Kamshet in Maharashtra is best known for its paragliding schools and is often visited by adventure enthusiasts. In close proximity to Kamshet is the Pavana lake which is most appropriate for camping for people who are looking to try their luck in paragliding. Pavana lake provides a relaxing break away from the hustle bustle of the busy life of Mumbai.


One of the best and know lakeside camping destination in Maharashtra – Image Source

Kchehepalri Lake – West Sikkim: Sikkim is known for its monasteries and Mount Kanchenjunga and is a famous weekend destination for trekkers and nature lovers. Apart from this one of the most unexplored yet serene attractions is Kchehepalri lake which is considered as sacred by the locals. If you wish to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil campsite then this is it.


This destination will surprise you with the natural beauty around it – Image Source

Gurudongmar Lake – North Sikkim: If you are truly looking for an offbeat lakeside destination, then you ought to visit the Gurudongmar lake which is the second highest lake in India. It is advisable to visit it only during summer months as it gets very cold during winters.


One of the stunning and fewest glacier lake in India – Image Source

Naukuchiatal Lake – Uttarakhand: Naukuchiatal which literally means the nine – cornered lake is located in the beautiful town of Nainital which itself is famous for lakes. There are innumerable camping destinations in Naukuchiatal. The lake village provides everything a person can desire as regards natural beauty. Enjoy a quaint and serene environment in a resort or a camp in this gorgeous town.


Mind blowing lake in Nainital where you can break free yourself – Image Source

Sumendu Lake – Mirik, West Bengal: Mirak is a quaint town in west Bengal, which offers a magnificent road trip across valleys and tea plantations. People often visit the Sumendu lake for camping and enjoy the natural beauty. The Sumendu lake is surrounded by alpine trees on one side and has an open ground which is appropriate for camping. It offers loads of activities such as a horse ride, bonfire etc.


One of the fewest lake which offers amazing activities – Image Source

Loktak Lake  Manipur: Loktak lake is also famous as the floating lake. This is because of the fact that the vegetation present on the lake makes it look like the entire lake is moving. Camping on this lakeside will definitely guarantee you a pleasurable time. Meanwhile, do visit the world only floating national park which is Keibul Lam Jao National Park.


One of its kind lake with magnificent view around it – Image Source

There are many beautiful internet free camping destinations in India which are still less explored. There could not be any better compliment to your camping when you see a stunning sight of the sun rising from the horizon of the lake, feel the cool breeze blowing across the lush green landscape, listen to the melodious bird’s singing under clear blue sky and smell the mild fragrance of blooming flower.

So what are you waiting for, grab your backpack and break free yourself from the hectic routine and spend some time soothing your soul.

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