Flea Affair : In Love With Indian Flea Market

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India has always been a blend of amazing traveler and tourist destinations, mouth watering cuisine and lively fleas markets. Travelers not only take back unforgettable memories from their trip but they also take back amazing shopping experience from Indian flea market.

Shopping has always been an inseparable part of all travelers. It has clutched almost all travelers in its grip. Fashion and culture is been quite closely followed by every domestic and foreign tourist, and to make that happen, they shop. With brand tags and handmade products comes the mightier sum of money to be spent on them.

Some lesser known flea markets you should pay visit once;

1) Laad Bazar, Hyderabad: Laad Bazaar also known as the choodi bazaar is one of the oldest markets of Hyderabad, famous for its exquisite range of bangles,festivals related items, and inexpensive jewelry. It is situated on one of the four roads that division out from the momentous  This market is very old, and has been running since the time of Qutub, Shahis and the Nizams. Shopkeepers make use of “beckoning” tactics, for attracting shoppers.

laad-bazar-backpackers-group - Indian Flea Market

One of the oldest and vibrant flea market of India – Indian Flea Market – Image Source

2) Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa: In Goa Saturday Night Bazaar which is also known as the Arpora night market is one of the major shopping and entertainment destinations, which imitates the multi-ethnic and idiosyncratic culture of Goa state in all ways. It offers an exciting range of herbs and spices, foodstuff, bags, accessories, that too at an affordable price.

goa-flea-market-backpacker-group - Indian Flea Market

Saturday night market well known shopping destination for foreign tourist – Indian Flea Market – Image Source

3) Parry’s Corner, Chennai: Parry’s corner, Chennai gets its name from the impressive Parry building of Parry & Co ltd, a famous name in Chennai, located at this corner Parry’s corner, Chennai is Notorious for the smuggled goods sold very low prices. You can get original brand goods at reasonably low prices. Due to its popularity this area is always full of hustle and bustle. Other than shopping you can enjoy the old architecture and explore the rich history of Chennai.

parry-market-backpackers-group - Indian Flea Market

Market known for it’s smuggled goods sold at cheap price – Indian Flea Market –      Image Source

4) Meena Bazaar, Yamunanagar: Meena Bazaar is synonymous for cheap and inexpensive cloths, jewelry, intricate, painting etc. One of the most famous Meena bazaar is located in Yamunanagar which is one of the cheapest markets in the entire northern India. This market has been running since a really long time when there used to be no shops, people used to sell things sitting on the pavement, now there are permanent shops that are attracting loads of shoppers from different cities.

5) Johari Bazar, Jaipur: Offers good deals on stones and ornaments, hence a dream market for Indian feminine sector. Johari Bazaar of the Pink city is a well-known bazaar famous for selling stones and ornaments clothing, furniture and painting and pictures. The specialty of this bazaar is that it sells things which are very inexpensive to things which are worth millions of rupees. The bazaar attracted many foreigners which is located in one of the busiest streets in Jaipur. The most enjoyable things about shopping in this Bazaar is the mind blowing bargains ,therefore even if you are not used to bargaining try your skills here ,you will definitely find some luck.

johari-bazaar-backpackers-group - Indian Flea Market

Busiest flea market of Jaipur, attracts large number of foreign tourist – Indian Flea Market – Image Source

6) Gole Bazaar, Raipur: This one is a paradise for the readers, as you can buy books at quite low prices than their print rates. You can buy old and used books and new ones too. There is a special kapda bazaar in Gole bazaar which is very famous for some fashionable yet affordable clothing.

gole-bazaar-backpackers-group - Indian Flea Market

For those who likes to spend their vacations reading and relaxing – Indian Flea Market – Image Source

7) Jawahar Market, Amravati: Jawahar Market in Amravati is famous for its highly negotiable deals on clothing which Offers great variety in the same. People from different cities often visit Jawahar market to purchase intricate jewelry, and traditional cloths which is sold at an affordable mind boggling price.

So what stopping you, get going and exercise the shopaholic in you. Rather than buying from wallet-cutting showrooms and malls, most of us prefer to shop from flea markets. Every city has its own flea market. While some of the flea markets are known even at international levels. Some of the flea markets are just known to the shopaholics of the city.

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